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Berger Greer LLP is a dedicated law firm providing business law, regulatory, and litigation services.


Berger Greer LLP stays up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of hemp and cannabis regulations and can provide guidance on compliance and insights on recent trends in different local jurisdictions, confusing ordinances that can affect your business, and the politics and policies driving all of these matters. Our attorneys strive to give our clients access to the most updated information available and help them meet all applicable regulatory and licensing requirements.


Local authorities have made it clear that 2020 and the coming years will see increased enforcement in the cannabis marketplace. This is a necessary part of ensuring that our legal market has a chance to survive. Be sure your company is doing everything it can to stay in full compliance and avoid facing enforcement actions. Berger Greer LLP helps businesses not only maintain compliance with applicable regulations, but also will defend individuals and businesses facing enforcement actions, prosecutions, or investigations.


With the 2018 Farm Bill’s legalization of the regulated production of hemp, the nation’s hemp industry is poised to experience monumental growth in the near term. Our attorneys keep informed on both state and federal hemp regulations, and advise hemp businesses on how to navigate the intricacies of the new Interim Final Rules promulgated by the USDA. Whether you are a hemp cultivator, processor, testing facility, distributor, manufacturer, or retailer, contact Berger Greer, LLP to discuss how our attorneys can help your hemp business’ legal needs.

State and Local Licensing

Our team of attorneys stays up-to-date on local and state licensing requirements and advises on the license application process. While the licensing application process and ongoing reporting requirements can be confusing, tedious, and demanding, it is imperative that cannabis industry operators are diligent in meeting all licensure and disclosure requirements on a continuous basis. Our attorneys will guide clients throughout these processes to help them achieve and maintain compliance.


Berger Greer LLP combines years of experience with critical thinking skills to create effective solutions tailored to even the most nuanced legal disputes. Our attorneys have experience handling civil and criminal matters in both state and federal court and know how to zealously advocate for their clients.


The marketplace for CBD products is flourishing. But does California allow CBD products? What does the FDA have to say about it? Does it make a difference whether the product is hemp-derived or marijuana derived? Can your product's marketing materials make claims for therapeutic or medicinal benefits? Our attorneys understand the regulations governing the marketing and labeling of CBD products and walk clients through the nuanced rules. These rules are evolving at both the state and federal level as states and the FDA re-define their policies following the the 2018 Farm Bill's legalization of hemp. Our attorneys keep up-to-date on the changing landscape and help their clients stay informed and compliant.


Every state-licensed company must ensure that its contracts, policies and practices conform to the ever-changing regulatory landscapes. Our attorneys help businesses ensure that their contracts are compliant with applicable regulations. Our attorneys are also business-minded professionals who work diligently to draft and negotiate their clients' contracts to meet their business objectives and needs. Let our team of experts guide you through the transactional process.


Berger Greer LLP will defend clients in criminal and immigration cases, including drug and DUI, post-conviction, and immigration removal cases. Depending on the circumstances, there are motions that can be brought to wipe old crimes off your record. If you have been told no by an attorney in the past, there may be another way. If you have an old conviction preventing your immigration case from moving forward or if you are worried about a current case affecting your immigration status, contact us for a consultation about your options. Se Habla Espanol!

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